Smog Check Center in Orange County

 Frequently Asked Questions:

+ Who needs a smog?
+ How do I know if my vehicle needs a Smog Check?
+ My renewal notice says my car needs a Smog Check. But the car is out of state, and will not be back for many months. It's too far to bring it back to California for a smog inspection. Can I get the car smogged in another state and send the results here?
+ How long is a Smog Check certificate valid?
+ Who is responsible for obtaining a Smog Check when a vehicle is sold?
+ I just purchased a vehicle and the seller did not provide a Smog Check. The vehicle needs expensive repairs in order to pass. What should I do?
+ I recently smogged my vehicle; now I'm selling it. Do I need to smog it again?
+ Why am I being sent to a Test-Only station? My car has never failed Smog Check.
+ I have a motorhome. Is it safe to smog it on the dynamometer? What should I do?
+ My 1976 model year vehicle was built in 1975. Why isn't it exempt from Smog Check?
+ I have a vehicle that is four model years old or newer. My DMV registration renewal notice says it must have Smog Check, but I thought it was exempt from the biennial Smog Check requirement.
+ I'm planning to register my vehicle as non-operational this time around. Do I still need a Smog Check?
+ Why can't BAR lower the price of a Smog Check?
+ What is an Enhanced Area?
+ Why are Smog Check stations using the new equipment to conduct the old two-speed idle test?


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